The Weekend

  I want to be honest with my readers, but most importantly, I want to be honest with myself. Today I had chicken. It was marinated with pineapple and tasted delicious. I felt bad for the chicken that lived it’s life for the sole purpose of my belly.

  The host of the BBQ I went to made chicken specifically for me (before this journey into veganism, I kept Kosher).  So, when I greeted him at the grill, he was overjoyed to pass me a thigh hot off the fire. I gladly accepted and thanked the chicken.  I think I made the right decision in that situation. Some would argue. That’s ok. 

In other news today… I fought with my spouse, drove a total of 5 hours for my cousin(for no reason apparently) and ended up yelling at an innocent bystander. Ugh. What did I do for myself? I wrote this entry. 

I’m not okay, but at least the music was good. 


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