Day One

It’s Sunday. Sunny, breezy and 86°F.

I finally have a weekend where I have nothing required of me, no obligations and I can relax. There are some “should do” items… But today I am living in “want to” items. Like starting a blog. 

Yesterday I decided that it’s time to go vegan. I was always waiting for the right time. The right time will never come. Either you are ready or not. I’m probably not ready, but why do I have to be ready? Animals are being harmed. The environment is going to hell. When is the right time to start caring about that?!  

Why do we separate our thinking when it comes to animals?  If pets are being harmed, it’s the end of the world. If factory farm animals are being harmed, it’s not even a conscious thought. 
Until I get the hang of this, my food choices are going to be all over the place. I’m aware of being a carb vegan or fast food vegan. They are out there. That’s not my goal, but it may happen. My normal way of eating is pretty good. I avoid processed foods, canned goods, and carbs in general.  That will continue. My husband is not going vegan… And he loves meat. So far in my pursuit to cut meat out, it has not been an issue. 

Breakfast: French fries and a side salad with Italian vinaigrette. (Not the best, but there’s a story to everything I do…) Coffee, black

Lunch: Fresh juice made with celery, cucumber, lemon and green apple. *i actually had a tomato sandwich. 

Dinner: Summer salad. 


Here’s a good place to start on your self healing journey:  Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself

Love thy neighbor, but first, love thyself. 

You have everything you need within yourself. 


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